Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well, in a word: interesting. In a sentence: Not entirely good and not entirely bad.

It was nothing like I expected it to be, mostly because the preview didn't show anything other than scenes of people being tortured. Basically I expected to sit through a movie entirely composed of disturbing events. The first scene of the movie however was in Amsterdam and involved lots of drugs and sex. I was puzzled, but found it all amusing so I didn't care. That's how the movie continued for about 45 minutes. Lots of drugs and as many tits as one sees in a porn.

Still, I found the movie funny so I didn't mind. Then of course people FINALLY start getting tortured. You don't see a lot of it though, and the only thing that really disturbed me I've actually seen in other movies before. So nothing new, nothing special. I didn't really care about any of the characters until Pax (Jay Hernandez) put a suit on. Suddenly I was invested! It's strange how a nice black suit can make the most boring of people suddenly attractive and bad-ass.

The movie was also really short! I couldn't believe how fast it went by, but being that there were only three main characters and a plot that really only belongs in a short story, I can forgive that. The movie would have really reeked something awful if they'd tried to carry it any longer.

All in all, good movie, but I won't be seeing it in the theatres again.

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