Monday, December 5, 2011


This movie is just fucking weird, and I don't mean its plot is weird - although, Jesus Christ, did anyone proofread this??? I mean, the more I watch it, the more fault I find with it, and yet I still love it and continue to watch it (probably because it has a high nostalgia factor to it). Yet I don't mean it's so bad that it's good... it's just really fucking weird. It reminds me a bit about Die Hard, in that it's an incredibly violent film that just sort of happens to take place on Christmas. Christmas has nothing to do with the plot (other than the fact that Gizmo is a Christmas present, but that's a pretty weak excuse), it just makes for pretty set-pieces.

And then there's this fucking gem:

I don't think I can recommend this film in good conscious. Unless you saw this in your childhood, it's not going to have the same effect on you as it did on me and my friends. That being said, please don't let your children watch this.


sonniski3z said...

Hey! thanks for coming by my blog :) Yes, Drop Dead Diva is sooo good, I didn't know you liked it either!!! Hahaha sorry if I'm posting this reply randomly on your Gremlins review...but Blogspot fails for not having instant reply sections on the original blog...or is there and I don't know how to? lol Anyways,

I found the show on Netflix too! It sucks though because they didn't have season 3 so I had to look it up randomly online. And I learned that season 4 doesn't start until 2012!! :( wtf. I can't wait!!

Krista said...

That dad deserved to die AND should get a darwin award!