Sunday, June 19, 2005

Batman Begins

I went into this movie not expecting a whole lot. In fact, I figured it would suck – especially after that terrible Joel Schumacher film (we dare not speak it’s name). My basic thoughts were: “How bad can it be? I’m in love with half of the cast!”

It exceeded all expectations - by far. The effects were great (and not overused like in some movies *caugh*StarWars*caugh*), the acting was great, the script was great, the scenery was great, and the music was phenomenal (and of course it is when one of my favourite composers – James Newton Howard – is involved. That, and there were four composers in all).

Now the fight scenes were a little… well the best word to describe them would be ‘shaky’. Lately I’ve been noticing that all new films have this camera ‘technique’ where during a fight the camera has a fucking seizure. My theory behind this is that people don’t want to choreograph fifty fights and to get away with using the same shit over and over again they shake the camera around so that all you see is shades of black and blue. The only fight where this worked was when Batman was fighting with the guys on the docks when he first starts up. The only fight where they didn’t use this (obscenely) is the sword fight on the ice, and so that fight is my favourite.

The last fight was boring as all fuck. I couldn’t see shit and was just waiting for them to get back to Gary Oldman driving the Batmobile – that right! Gary Oldman kicks ass! He could have played Batman (and definitely would have done a better job than Val Kilmer).

There was of course the obligatory car chase, but it was a car chase with the BATMOBILE! (Which, is by far the coolest Batmobile to date)

All in all a great fucking movie, go see it – GO SEE IT!!! And to Warner Brothers, make a sequel with this cast! You must make a sequel using this cast!!! DO IT NOW!!!

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