Friday, August 18, 2006


Since about March I have been heralding the arrival on Snakes on a Plane. I couldn't wait until August 18th to see this movie, so I got myself some advance tickets to the preview on the 17th. I just got home 40 minutes ago, and I am still psyched.

I was expecting Snakes on a Plane to be awesome, but I am in actually disbelief about how good this movie actually was. I honestly believe that people who weren't all excited about this movie will love it nonetheless.

Is the plot somewhat farfetched and ridiculous? Of course. But they still did it well. The fact that they managed to keep the movie going for almost two hours (with some well-placed cuts back to the mainland and the reactions there) and still have it be exciting and interest was a feat in itself.

Samuel L. Jackson was incredible. Especially at the end with the reaction shots he was giving to Keenan Thompson.

The crowd I saw this movie with was just great. There was hissing and excited screams and applause and rubber snakes being thrown in the air. It kind of had the feel of one of those midnight films that people have seen so many times and enjoy and cherish every moment of it. Hell, maybe this will become a midnight film. There's no doubt that it's already a cult classic and will be a blockbuster.

The theatre was packed and everyone loved it.

You must see this movie. MUST. You will actually keel over and die if you do not go see this movie in the theatre. So go now, to the motherfuckin' theatre and go see Motherfuckin' Snakes on a Motherfuckin' Plane!

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