Sunday, July 9, 2006

Superman Returns

I told myself I’d write a review for Superman Returns, and over a week later here I finally am,

Let me explain something first. I hate Superman. I think he’s a dick and far too perfect. But this movie was awesome!

I love how it started after the second Superman film, because I think I would have gone absolutely insane trying to sit through his origin again. We get it, kid from Krypton, planet blew up, kryptonite bad.

I have no idea who this Brandon Routh character is, but he’s incredibly hot and incredibly talented and hey! he’s a Libra! That’s all I need to know. He’s gonna become very famous very soon.

Kate Bosworth was cool, especially in the scene where she got slammed in the head with a steel door – in 3D!!!

Oh yeah, go see the 3D if you can. It really is worth the slight annoyance of having little green lights flash to tell you to put on glasses. My only regret is that the entire movie is not is 3D. Would that really have been so bad?

Kevin Spacey? OMG KEVIN SPACEY!!!

Parkey Posey was brilliant and Kal Penn’s role should have been bigger and the effects were super (no pun intended).

Alas, if only Bryan Singer and his writer crew could have come back for X3. I weep, oh how I weep.

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