Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Silent Hill

The simple review to Silent Hill is that I didn’t like it, but what kind of a review is that? After all, I didn’t think that it was a terrible movie; it just fell below my expectations.

This movie was exactly like the game. It looked like the game, sounded like the game, felt like the game, but it wasn’t the game, it was a movie and it seemed like someone forgot that. The dialogue was like chewing cardboard and the acting was… well, it just seemed like the actors were only there for a paycheck.

I’ll give them bonus marks on the makeup and special effects; Pyramid Head was incredible to see.

The plot was acceptable, but it seemed rather small and unimportant. The movie seemed to be putting a lot of it’s stock into being seen as a very pretty movie. They didn’t try very hard with the plot.

Sean Bean rocked, he should have been in more of the movie… and he should have died. It’s unnatural to not have Sean Bean die in a movie.

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