Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Grudge 2

I'm a pretty big fan of The Grudge and the Ju-On movies, so I went into the theatre with some fairly high expectations.

I wanted to see some creepy ass shit and be scared out of my mind and I was. For the past few nights I keep thinking that Kyako is going to crawl out of the crack of the door on my sliding closet.

But there was something to be desired throughout the whole film. The two different story lines didn't bother me, but all this was going on and there were so many characters to see that you felt cut off from them. I never once really cared about what would happen to them (except for Jake. I always feel bad for children in horror movies) and couldn't even tell you half their names.

The last five minutes of the movie totally rocked my world. There was this great sense of: "Oh man, I GET it." I mean, the movie wasn't confusing or anything, but the ending just tied up everything so well that it made up for some of the less appealing scenes (c'mon, the phonebooth? Not scary OR creepy).

All in all, good movie, go see it if you want a really good scare and don't forget to check out the other movies, because I still strongly believe that they're much better.

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