Saturday, May 27, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand

Mmm... Hugh Jackman... mm... Hugh Jackman as Wolverine... mmm... Hugh Jackman as Wolverine with no shirt on...



... Uh, right, but in all seriousness folks. *Clears throat*

First and foremost, I hate the title. 'The Last Stand'? That's so fucking corny. But a title does not make a movie. Now there is lot to like about this movie. The acting was superb, the CGI was astonishing, the fights were SO FUCKING AWESOME!!! So those three things made this movie incredibly enjoyable, but there were a few hiccups.

The first 20 minutes or so of the movie were extremely jarring. They were trying to introduce about 30 new characters and five plot lines and it felt very rushed and annoying. For people who haven't read the comics, I think they'll hate the first bit, because they're really not going to know who's who.

Phoenix was awesome. Phoenix's explanation was bullshit. I can understand them not wanting to go down the road of the aliens, but a split personality? Ugh. It just came out of nowhere and felt really - sorry to be repeating myself - jarring.

I hated the music. John Powell should never work again. I hate you John Powell, you ruined almost every dramatic moment!

So, to recap, there's a lot to love, but a lot to hate, which makes this movie the worst out of the three X-Men movie. However I did like this movie. I just don't think many non-comic book people will like it very much.

Now where was I?

Oh right... mmm... Hugh Jackman...

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I totally agree with you on their explanation of the Pheonix. I was like, wha? split personality? wtf!