Friday, November 18, 2005

A History of Violence

It's probably wrong that I was turned on by this movie, but so I was.

Hottest angry sex I have EVER seen.

Viggo Mortensen was beyond hot, and yeah, acting good too. And oh my god could he kick some ass! AND we get to see his bum. *Dissolves into puddle of goo*

Ok, this is starting to sound less and less like a review.

The movie was great. Never a dull moment, though a few where I had to wince. When they put the word 'violence' in a movie title, one should expect violence.

Ashton Holmes was pretty good in the movie, awfully cute, though a bit of a pussy (except for that one scene at the school... that was hot). William Hurt was incredible! His reactions to everything were TOO funny. "How could you fuck that up!?!" But he was only in the movie for, like, half an hour. That made me sad. Same thing with Ed Harris, absolutely incredible, but not a whole lot of him.

I could have lived without the daughter. Her cuteness made me want to vomit, and she looked nothing like her parents. How do two (beautiful) people with high cheek bones produce a bleach blonde child with pudgy cheeks? Does not make sense people! Unless Maria Bello was sleeping around... But who sleep around on Viggo Mortensen!?!

Ok, this review has no substance at all. I should stop writing.

P.S. Go see this movie.

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