Monday, July 11, 2005

Fantastic Four

Well... it started off well enough.

At the beginning I was still feeling the exitment of watching this movie, but the more Jessica Alba was on screen, the more I wondered why anyone thought she could act, and why they made Ioan Gruffud act like such a pussy when he was such a bad-ass in King Arthur. I had no problems with Michael Chiklis or Chris Evans, in fact, they're the only reasons I liked that movie at all.

Doom started off alright, but then he just got weird, and was nothing like he is in the comics. The more the movie kept running, the more corny it got, and the more I was just counting the seconds until Chris Evans came back on.

I'd say it was worth it to see the effects on the big screen... only there weren't really any effects worth seeing on the big screen. All-in-all, this is a movie you should wait to rent.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Hi i'm a long time reader first time blogger and I just wanted to say I like what you wrote.Just a few things you should change like Bag to Bad and maybe put up a comic review blog.If you don't i'll make you watch Fantastic 4 and War of the worlds back to back.....

Signed You know who ~_^